Nancy Wait


Brooklyn, NY


The profile picture you see is how we did selfies the old fashioned way...self-portraits! This self-portrait was done in 1980. I was thirty. I had been painting for a couple of years by then. You see me looking at myself in the mirror. I am wearing a pretty dress and earrings. My hair is loose. This was not how I usually looked when I came to the easel. But this self-portrait was different. In this one I am holding out my palette, showing my colors. What I am really doing is saying to God, "Okay, what do you want me to paint now?" (And God, or my guides, and certainly the angels, did tell me, over the years...)

Nancy Wait is an American artist and writer who began her journey into art in the late 1970s after an earlier career as an actress in the UK under the name Nancie Wait.
During the 1980s she had a successful free-lance business as a commercial artist painting portraits and architectural renderings.
She also painted visions from her imagination, a series called “Journey To The Deep.”
Over the years Nancy has participated in many group shows as well as a few solo shows.
In the mid-1990s she began a series of paintings of her Brooklyn neighborhood, Park Slope, and was a co-founder of a group of artists called Brooklyn Visions. They had numerous group shows and published a book of Nancy’s interviews of nine of the artists. Brooklyn Boro President, Howard Golden, celebrated their work by declaring March 31st, 1998, Brooklyn Visions Day.
Nancy then spent the first decade of the new millennium writing a memoir titled, “The Nancy Who Drew, the Memoir That Solved A Mystery.” She is currently working on Vol. 2, which is about how and why she became an artist and how it changed her view of herself and the world around her.
The subject of art and how it relates to higher consciousness has captivated Nancy since 2009 when she began talking about it on Blog Talk Radio and interviewing other people in various art fields. The show, Art and Ascension, ran for three years.
Links to the show, her books, and her long-running blog, many pieces having to do with art and painting, and her you tube channel, can be found on her website:


Orange Daisies B by Nancy Wait


Daises in Blue Vase A by Nancy Wait


Orange Daises by Nancy Wait


Bouquet of Daises by Nancy Wait


Orange Daisies Blue Background by Nancy Wait


Snowy Night Brooklyn by Nancy Wait


Snowy Day Brooklyn by Nancy Wait


Brooklyn Bridge in the Snow by Nancy Wait


Mermaid B by Nancy Wait


Mermaid A by Nancy Wait


St. Saviours Church by Nancy Wait


Park Place by Nancy Wait


Centre Court by Nancy Wait


989 Third Avenue by Nancy Wait


The Pagosa by Nancy Wait


The Packard by Nancy Brody


Rendering by Nancy Wait


Chelsea by Nancy Brody


House on Tenth Street by Nancy Wait


Plaza Street West by Nancy Wait


President Street by Nancy Brody


165 Duane Street by Nancy Brody


North Miami Beach by Nancy Wait


North Palm Beach by Nancy Wait


1920s by Nancy Brody


Bleecker Street by Nancy Brody


First Avenue by Nancy Brody


Hotel Euclid Hall by Nancy Wait


Chelsea Building by Nancy Wait


380 Canal Street by Nancy Brody


Upper West Side by Nancy Brody


The Wyatt Building by Nancy Wait


Number 96 by Michael Revere


Number 18 by Michael Revere


We Were Together by Nancy Wait


Between the Notes by Nancy Wait


Journey To The Deep by Nancy Wait


Little Man Number Six by Nancy Wait


Little Man Number Five by Nancy Wait


Little Man Number Four by Nancy Wait


Little Man Number Three by Nancy Wait


Little Man Number Two by Nancy Wait


Little Man with Clock by Nancy Wait


Little Man Number One by Nancy Wait


Song of Memory by Nancy Wait


Passing Through by Nancy Wait


Last Embrace by Nancy Wait


Bliss by Nancy Wait